Traffic Management

We provide a wide range of traffic management products such as safety cones, road barriers, reboundable poles for use on construction work sites, roads and highway maintenance required either for temporary or permanent traffic control.

Reboundable Pole & Bollard

Improve safety by guiding drivers as to where they should, and should not drive

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Traffic Signalling

Quickly attract attention with our traffic batons to approaching, hidden, as well as changing road conditions

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Barrier, Delineator & Tapes

For forming temporary traffic lanes for channeling traffic, splitting traffic from pedestrian zones or restricting access

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Arrow Lights & Boards

Warn drivers early of a traffic redirection

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Corner Guard

Provide an essential barrier to walls and vehicles against damages

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Wheel Stopper

Used to provide guidance for vehicles while parking as well as to protect the vehicle from exceeding off the specified parking area

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