Warning Triangle

Necessary for warning other road users of a breakdown or a crash ahead

Uses of Warning Triangles

  • Used to alert other drivers and road users that they are approaching an unexpected vehicle stopped by the roadside. Normally, drivers will use their hazards light when their car breaks down, but it is almost always never enough to offer advance warning to oncoming vehicles. This is especially true if the vehicle is stopped around a bend. With a warning triangle, accidents involving road side break downs could be prevented.

Tritech's warning triangles comes in 2 different sizes: the smaller one for passenger vehicles, and the bigger one for commercial vehicles. They are both SIRIM certified, wind tunnel tested to ensure stability and are highly visible both during the day and night time.

The warning triangles are very easy to set up, making them one of the most practical items to have in your vehicle emergency kit. When you're done using them, just fold and store them back in their accompanying case for compact storage. We recommend you to keep one in your vehicle in case of an accident or for emergency purposes.