About Us

Tritech was established back in 1982 when the numbers of automobile on the road started increasing and there was a growing need for road safety awareness.

Since then, Tritech has offered a wide range of innovative safety products and high visibility garments to thousands of customers across Malaysia for use on roads, highways and work sites.


Our mission: To improve the visibility of people and objects, thereby improving road safety and saving lives.

As part of our ongoing mission, our team has been actively participating in road safety campaigns all around Malaysia to promote our reflective products, as well as to promote road safety awareness. We constantly work and collaborate with local road authorities to educate road users on the importance of having proper road safety products to reduce road accidents.

We believe it is part of our duty, as one of Malaysia's leading road safety equipment supplier, to instil safety in everyone's mind because with the right products, it not only prevents accidents, it also helps save countless of lives.