Convex Mirror

Positioned at corners where blind spots are present

Uses of Convex Mirror for Road Safety

  • Installed at curves or turns on roads, driveways or alleys where there is a lack of visibility
  • In parking lots, convex mirrors help drivers look out for oncoming traffic at crossings or blind spots to prevent collision
  • Placed indoors in hallways to allows people to see around the corner to prevent running into each other
  • Improve security purposes in a shop by allowing shop personnels or security guards to be able to view a wide part of the shop
  • Placed near ATMs so that customers can see if anyone is looking at them while entering their pin

Tritech offers convex mirrors in different shapes and sizes for indoors and outdoors use be it to improve the safety of your workplace or on the road. They come with a bracket for mounting onto the wall or pole.

If you have any questions about our convex mirrors, do not hesitate to contact us.