High Visibility Safety Vest

Our reflective safety vests are SIRIM ceritified, keeping you safe and visible both during the day and at night

Malaysian Standard SIRIM MS1731:2004 is the Malaysian equivalent of EN471, ANSI/ISEA 107 standards for high visibility safety clothing. It specifies the minimum amount of background fabric and retro-reflective material for high visibility garments.The color of the background fabric must be fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange or fluorescent red.

The standard establishes three classes of high-visibility safety clothing. The classes are designated for each level of visibility, depending on the traffic volume and visual complexity of the areas in which the trim will be worn.

Class 1 - Lowest level of visibility

  • Background Material > 0.14m2
  • Retroreflective Material > 0.10m2
  • Combined Performance Material > 0.20m2
For use in activities where:
  • Traffic does not exceed 40km/h
  • Workers should be stationed a good distance away from the traffic to prevent injury
Class 1 High Visibility Garments
Recommended For:
  • Parking lot attendants, warehouse workers, sidewalk maintenance workers, delivery vehicle drivers
Safety Garments:

Class 2 - Intermediary level of visibility

  • Background Material > 0.5m2
  • Retroreflective Material > 0.13m2
For use in activities where:
  • Traffic exceeds 40km/h
  • Those working near heavier traffic and in low visibility areas or when the weather condition is bad
Class 2 High Visibility Garments
Recommended For:
  • Roadway construction workers, security guards, railway workers, utility workers, emergency response personnel, toll gate personnel, airport baggage handlers or ground crew
Safety Garments:

Class 3 - Highest level of visibility

  • Background Material > 0.8m2
  • Retroreflective Material > 0.2m2
For use in activities where:
  • Workers are exposed to traffic exceeding 80km/h
  • Those who work right next to the highway or in other hazardous areas
  • Workers movement should be as visible as possible to prevent injury
Recommended For:
  • Roadway construction worker, utility workers, survey crews, emergency response personnel