Water-Fill Plastic Road Barrier


Constructed with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), our water-filled road barrier is highly durable and resistant towards cracking and impact, as well as UV degradation. It is lightweight, making it quick and easy for deployment, saving work time and cost. When ballasted with water, it provides excellent stability and can stand firmly with its wide base.

Water-filled barriers are great in absorbing impact, protecting motorists as well as construction workers in the area, proving to be a safer choice than concrete barriers, and less likely to cause damage upon impact.


  • Colour
  • : Fluorescent Red/ White
  • Dimension
  • : 0.8m (H) x 0.5m (W) x 1.0m (L)
  • Weight
  • : 8kg approx.
  • Ballasted Weight
  • : 90kg approx.