VC300 Reflective Tape


For contour marking on the vehicle's rear, ie horizontal and vertical markings to outline the shape of the vehicle, and partial contour markings on the side.


MS828:2011 SIRIM Certified

Size: 300mm x 50mm

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Common Questions

Here are some of the most common questions that we get.

What does VC stand for?

VC stands for Vehicle Conspicuity, meaning that the vehicle can be easily seen or noticed.

What is ORALITEĀ® VC Series?

ORALITEĀ® is a brand from ORAFOLĀ®. ORALITEĀ® VC Series are the rear and side retro-reflective markings for road vehicles and consist of VC300, VC600 and VC750.

What is MS828:2011?

MS 828:2011 is the Malaysian Standard that specifies requirements for retro-reflective markings on the rear and sides of commercial vehicles. Requirements include design, colorimetric, photometric and mechanical properties. The rear and sides markings must carry the MS 828:2011 SIRIM Logo, Product Certification License Number and SIRIM Sticker.

Why do we need MS 828:2011?

To reduce the number of accidents during low light conditions which involve trucks and trailers. Rear and side markings help make the vehicle more visible on the road during low light conditions.

Poster Pelaksanaan MS 828

To learn about the importance of using reflective tapes on vehicles, watch our video below:

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