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Vehicle Graphics

Create awareness by using our reflective vehicle graphics designed for vehicle livery


For conspicuity, recognition and safety, we use Orafol® brand which offers the most effective high-visibility materials on the market today and offer a full range of single layer microprismatic films designed for vehicle livery.

Orafol® Daybright™ is the preferred choice by most fleets when it comes to conspicuity markings, due to the product construction which is just simply ideal for this application. The microprismatic films provide the best visibility during daytime, poor light and adverse weather conditions. It is highly visible at night from more than 500 meters away and greatly increase visibility up to 9 times brighter during bad weather conditions such as rain and fog.

Oralite® Daybright™ Benefits

Conforms easily around contours of vehicle allowing greater vehicle coverage thus enchancing conspicuity and safety.

Daybright™ films do not need edge sealing, allowing for quick turn around times after damage repair, thus maintaining the aesthetics of the vehicle long after application.

Single layer construction – the vehicle can be power washed and impact damage does not reduce the photometrics of the material ensuring day and night visibility.

Does not crack or delaminate when bent or picked.