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Oralite VC Series

The Oralite VC Series, comprising of VC300, VC600 and VC750, is a complete product line of reflective tapes for application onto rigid bodies, circular tankers as well as on to wooden bodies.

Types of Oralite VC Series

VC300 Reflective Tape

For contour marking on the vehicle's rear, ie horizontal and vertical markings to outline the shape of the vehicle, and partial contour markings on the side.

VC600 Reflective Tape

For mandatory rear markings fitted horizontally on the left and right sides of the vehicle's body.

VC750 Reflective Tape

For mandatory rear markings for vehicles with a max length of 16m and max width of 2.6m - 3.0m. The marking plate needs to be fitted on the rear and center of the vehicle.


Why the need for reflectors?

Vehicles without reflectors are clearly at risk of not being seen.

This can be very dangerous especially during an emergency breakdown by the side of the road, when the vehicle's engine and lights are off.

It increases the chances of being hit by another vehicle and it also runs the risk of causing injury and death to other road users.

Improving visibility at night

The VC Series reflectors have a very high reflectivity and can be seen from a distance as far as 200m in the dark with oncoming vehicle lights. This effectively alerts other drivers of the presence of the vehicle in advance, thus reducing accidents caused by poor visibility.

SIRIM MS828:2011 Compliant

SIRIM MS828:2011 is the Malaysian Standard that specifies requirements for retro-reflective markings (Light Reflector) on the rear and sides of commercial vehicles.

The requirements include design, colorimetric, photometric and mechanical properties. The light reflectors must carry the “MS 828:2011 SIRIM” logo mark which means that the tape complies with the minimum requirements of the standard.

SIRIM MS828:2011 aims to reduce the number of fatalities due to road accidents during low light conditions, and the VC Series reflective markings can help with that.

Feature List

Highest night time visibility

Does not crack or lift easily

Single layer prismatic construction with adhesive backing

Resistant to power washing

No edge sealing required

5 years durability

3 years warranty on photometrics and color

Further equip your vehicles with these reflective products for maximum visibility in the event that they break down

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